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About Us

Camp TLC is a free experience that connects families and youth who have experienced a medical or life trauma by offering unique ways of coping through recreational and performing arts-based activities, developing necessary skills, and building self-esteem to overcome challenges and build stronger families throughout the country.

Camp TLC’s goal is to build self-esteem, confidence, and teach better coping mechanisms in our youth and families and unite those who have experienced a comparable situation. Via trained therapists and instructors, Camp TLC provides healing programming through a variety of practices. Since COVID, many of our Camp families have felt isolated and we have seen a rise in regression, depression, and other mental health issues in our youth and caregivers, some of which have expressed suicidal ideations due to the isolation and lack of any socialization. Parents have struggled to maintain any sense of normalcy during this pandemic.


Each program offers a series of workshops and family activities on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year to a set number of families (depending on the site) that have been selected by the Executive Director and Site Coordinator for the organizations we serve. Camp TLC will end 2022 by offering each of the sites a retreat weekend where families can come together and celebrate their successes of the year. Our goal is to recruit families that are willing to commit to the whole program so that relationships can be formed as we build a community of support. We have learned that building a community before the retreat weekend encourages attendance, allows families to feel comfortable leaving their children with our staff while they attend workshops, bonds families before the retreat and builds a stronger sense of community and participation overall.

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