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Our Current Programs for 2022



Camp Reddy – SoCal California

Camp Reddy is a family-based program that brings together families that have recently lost an immediate family member. Camp Reddy is in honor of Los Angeles firefighter, Michael Reddy who lost his life to cancer three years ago and was created as a legacy for his wife and three children.

Camp TLC will work with our partner East LA and will host activities throughout the year that

support families who have recently lost a family member. Camp will focus on supporting these

families through the journey while connecting them with others that are in the same circumstance

and ones that have felt especially isolated due to the pandemic.

Samples of activities:

  • Art Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Improv/Creative Writing


Camp Alex - Upstate New York

Camp Alex is a family-based program located in Upstate New York that serves families who have a child with a special need or a life-threatening illness. Camp Alex is honor of Alex Green, who recently lost his life to his seizure disorder.

Camp will focus on supporting these youth/young adults by providing opportunities for them to

interact with their peers in a bully free environment. Our goals are to connect them with others that have special needs that have had a hard time making friends or finding outlets to help them build a sense of community. Those that participate in the program will be invited for the retreat which will take place during the holidays to offer hope and love to our families.

Samples of activities:

  • BBQ/Scavenger Hunt/Team Building

  • Movie Nights

  • Local Activities

  • Family Game night


Camp SoDak HeArts – South Dakota

Camp SoDak HeArts is a family-based program located in the Black Hills of South Dakota and serves the Exceptional Family Military Program on Ellsworth AF Base.  The goal of this program is to connect these families with resources and the support needed to become stronger and healthier caregivers.

Camp will host activities that connect “exceptional” military families together throughout the

year while helping them identify resources for family members that have a special need/mental

health issue. Camp will be focusing on connecting this special population with other caregivers

that might feel isolated due to the circumstance in which they are living (single parent, parent

deployed, family member has special need/mental health). Those that participate throughout the

year will be invited to attend the family retreat.


Samples of activities include:

  • The Charm Farm Family Farm Day (BBQ)

  • Art/Music Therapy afternoons/Parent Workshops

  • Bowling Nights

Camp Lakota
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
St. Mary's Hospital for Children, Queens, NY

Previous Sites:

Camp Sandy, Hurricane Sandy, November - December 2012

Housing Families, 2011 and 2012

Racetrack Chaplaincy of NY, 2011 and 2012

Children's Inn at the NIH, 2011,2013, 2014, 2015

Camp St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, 2011-2019

Camp SoCal HeArts, East LA, 2013-2019

Camp Lakota, Pine Ridge Reservation, 2016 and 2017

For more information on these new sessions, call our office at 917.363.5154 

Camp Moki, Saratoga Springs, NY
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