SoCal HeArts,  Los Angeles, CA

​​Camp SoCal HeArts


Camp SoCal HeArts is a program for youth in foster care and other disadvantaged situations in the Los Angeles area.


 In 2018, we launched a monthly music/art therapy program which will help us foster stronger relationships with our youth and provide much needed art and recreational therapy through the support of the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation.

In 2021, we were provided a grant with the city of Vernon, CA to provide college prep services over the summer and throughout the year to minority youth. This program will be combined with our "Weekend Rocks" program and will end the year with a family based camp to celebrate the acheivements of our youth and families. 

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St. Mary's Hospital for Children, Queens, NY

Camp Lakota


In 2018, Camp TLC launced at the Wounded Knee School District in Manderson, South Dakota. And in our first year, we served approximately 30 youth that lived in the Wounded Knee District. 

Camp TLC not only provided these youth with a week of music, art and games but worked closely with Empower Our Youth so that classes were offered that reflected the Lakota Culture. Although our first year was small compared to our other programs, we are committed to returning in 2018 for a bigger and stronger program.

Camp TLC surprised the Wounded Knee Elementary School on December 11th, 2017 and provided every child in the school with a set of lego and stuffed animal. Camp TLC then went to the surrounding homes and dropped off gifts at each of the campers homes and offices that served youth on the reservation. 

In 2021, we will look to shift our focus to youth and families in the foster care system. Camp Lakota will launch a family camp model which will not only provide respite and fun for our families but provide resources to foster care families as we strive to build stronger communities and youth while providing respite.

Camp Lakota
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

Camp St. Mary's


St. Mary's Healthcare System is one of only a handful of organizations around the country that is dedicated to providing intensive rehabilitation, specialized care, and education to children with special needs and life-limiting conditions.

Camp TLC provides 2 sessions each day to accommodate all of the day students. Each session is filled with a vareity of performers and opportuniutes that help the campers gear up for the "Showcase of Talent". The best day here at Camp St. Mary's, "Color Games/Messy Day". 


And in the words of Antonio, who lives a life with a walker, and finally was given his chance to dance with our guest ballerina without his walker, "I am flying, I am flying," he said. Thank you St. Mary's staff for giving us the chance to allow our hearts to fly with your children and youth.

Due to COVID, the Board decided that in lieu of onsite camp, we would host a family camp similar to Camp Alex so that our families could reunite with other families to address the isolation so many of our youth felt throughout the pandemic as services were not available at St. Mary's. 


Camp Moki is now Camp Alex!!! 

Camp Alex is a family camp located in Upstate New York that serves families who have a child with a special need or a life-threatening illness. Camp Moki has become a strong community of support and continues to have a waiting list each year.  In 2018, Camp Moki started a “Keeping the Connection” which provides online support for families throughout the year.


Camp Moki has grown from a day camp to a successful family camp which is completely booked each summer. Our goals are to host two separate sessions so that we can accomodate more families each year. 


This year, we lost a very special member of our camp community, Alex Green. Alex had an incredible love of books and a mischevious spirt. His smile and laughter could light up the room. We decided to change the name of the camp to honor his spirit and his family that continues to be a part of our camp community. 


Camp Moki, Saratoga Springs, NY

Our Newest Camps


Camp Reddy

Camp Reddy is in honor of Los Angeles firefighter, Michael Reddy who lost his life to cancer three years ago and was created as a legacy for his wife and three children. Kim Reddy wanted to create this program to provide a gap in services for families that have recently lost a family member. Camp is honored to work with her and create a program that connects families while creating new positive memories.

In 2021, Camp Reddy will launch and will focus on families that have lost a family member to COVID or during this pandemic. 

Camp SoDak HeArts


Camp SoDak HeArts is an extension of our work in South Dakota and our commitment to helping more families in the Black Hills.  In 2021, we will launch Camp SoDak HeArts for military families that have exceptional circumstances (special needs child, parent deployed). This program is in partnership with the Ellsworth Air Force base and Mission 22 organization. Together, we will provide these families with connections, support services and positive families memories. 

Other sites we have visited on our Journey:


Camp Sandy, Hurricane Sandy, November - December 2012

Housing Families, 2011 and 2012

Racetrack Chaplaincy of NY, 2011 and 2012

Children's Inn at the NIH, 2011,2013, 2014, 2015

For more information on these new sessions, call our office at 917.363.5154