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A Message from our Founder and Executive Director 


It has been quite the past two years and here at Camp TLC, we have spent a lot of time revising our programs and focusing on best practices to resume programs now that we can safely return to in person instruction. 

Our team has spent the past two years revamping our core values and goals for each of our programs. Our program team developed and created new programming to be implemented in 2022. Although we still have not been cleared to return to all our sites due to COVID restrictions, we have some amazing things planned for 2022. 

As Director, I am pleased to announce that Camp TLC will focus on three pillars that will help us identify and develop our programs.  These pillars are “Connect, Social, and Support” and will provide us guidance for programming each of our special camps. Our selected Camps for 2022 will begin this Spring and launch with bimonthly programs that connect our families, youth, and young adults. Our family camps will take place this Fall/Winter after our families have had time to get to know each other and bond throughout the year, making these family camps extension of activities done throughout the year. 

I thank ALL our supporters for continuing to support us these past two years so that we can continue our journey of making lives better for families that have been through a medical or life trauma.  We are aware the effects of COVID have had on our youth/young adults and an so grateful to help counteract the isolation so many of them have felt. 

Stay tuned, we have some great things planned! 



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