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A Message from the Director

Dear Friends and Supporters of Camp,

It seems hard to believe Camp TLC will be going into our 14th year next year.

14 years of offering programming to families that have had a medical or life trauma. In this time, we have launched over 50 camps in five states with over 30 partners. While our programming has changed throughout the years, our mission has not.

ALL of YOU are the reason there is a Camp TLC.......

Since the pandemic, funding has shifted and our programs in California have been placed on pause while we continue strengthening our programs in South Dakota and New York to offset the mental health issues the isolation from the pandemic caused our special needs families. This past year, I have worked to develop new possible partnerships here in Las Vegas and the work is paying off. You can expect to see a new camp for families with special needs here in Nevada.

And one more is in the works.

Stay tuned.................

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